March 26, 2017

Written by: Shopwindow3min read

How Petland increased already great conversions by adding personalization.

Petland is a national franchise of pet stores. Petland Kennesaw have a dedicated phone team that are focused on scheduling appointments with potential customers. They run an adwords budget of around $4,000 per month. These ads are designed to do two things; get the phone to ring and have people complete online forms. Jordan is one of the frontline staff recently joining the phone team at Petland. Previously she worked for a large company in their customer service department where was frustrated by the limited options she had to solve customer problems. The customer help software provided by the company was very complicated to use and always had glitches.


Petland is constantly trying to improve its conversion ratios. Management can at any time point to a spreadsheet and show the win/loss ratio for each part of the funnel. They had Infusionsoft software in place for three years prior to Shopwindow but it was not used by the phone team because it was too complicated and not customizable or visually exciting enough for their consumer buyers.

Jordan says: I like how personalized it is for the person receiving it. When a potential customer inquires about a dog online and they send us an email, a good nine times out of ten I feel they dont expect a response from us. And they feel like well if they dont call me soon Im going to have to call them, and the customer service goes down and they are less likely to want to purchase an animal or even work with us.


She goes on to say: I can tell how surprised people are with our communication. With Shopwindow we are able to send them an email and a text message within that hour of them filling out the email to us and I can tell how they are more willing to want to work with us and buy one of our animals because they see that we truly do care about them finding the right animal and because of the customer serviceA big appeal to Jordan she says is the noticeable difference in the customers responsiveness to her and their willingness to work with Petland. This makes a big difference when a puppy can average 3 or 4 thousand dollars. Every little thing you do can mean its you or the next store.

Petland's standard Shopwindow setup starts with the forms on their website. Created in Shopwindow, potential customers fill out the form and immediately receive information on their device through either a text message or an email (the customer chooses). This information lets them know that a Petland staff member has their inquiry and is right now matching up pets with their request. It also contains a warm Petland video, a special coupon, and has a book now capability. But most importantly it lets them know that a Petland staff member will personally get in touch with them very shortly as soon as they have the specific information that the person is looking for.

Jordan talks about how positively her customers responded to this new way of communicating and how they felt it was personalized to them.


Jordan says: The customer feels like its really personalized. Because we are not just sending a generic brochure with any type of animal on it. We receive their email, we look up the animal, we adjust the brochure to their needs and answer any questions they have. So when we send it out they are like Oh they really did read my email, they really know what Im looking for. So its that personalization and that attention to detail that I like.


Asked about the implementation of it Jordan says: I like that its a simple design and that its really easy to use. During the first day of my manager showing me how it works I was able to pick it up fairly quickly. It probably took me about a day and a half just to learn what all the tabs were but after that Im just whizzing through it. Its easy to use and its easy to keep up with all the customers.


She adds: I feel I can get to everyone with texting or other ways. I just like the simplicity of it.


When asked what she would say to someone considering Shopwindow Jordan says: I would say go for it. I mean it really is easy to use and it really does make a difference with your customers. Because they are going to see, oh they really do care and they are reading my email and they really do want to work with me. So in return Im willing to work with them.