✔️ How We Help

Increase Leads

Interested parties are coming to your touchpoints and are looking for ways to connect with you.

Touchpoint marketing activates your touchpoints with an offer, a conversion mechanism. and then it matches an offer to your unknown leads coming to your touch points. based on their interests.

We find out what your buyers content demand is. We take your top buying questions and turn them into offers and content. Then we look at your touchpoints. We put that offer at each of your touchpoints. Then, your buyers can come in at any touchpoint , they can interact with your brand. They're seeing a relevant offer that's highly targeted to their interests and therefore they convert and go from unknown to known.

By creating offers most relevant to your current buyers, and presenting those to potential buyers, and putting it across all your touchpoints, you are maximizing the quantity and quality of qualified leads for your business.

Improve Conversions

Now we've maximized the quantity and quality of new leads in your solution.

We have captured information about specifically what the buyer wants and the timeframe in which they want it which allows us to increase the quantity and quality of qualified leads that we can take advantage of.

This allows us to communicate the offers that most match the buyers interest. By pinpointing each individual buyer's interest, timelines, and behaviors, you are able to take maximum advantage of your products and services by presenting them to the right buyers at the right time.

Shorten Time to Make a Sale

When buyers are contacting you, they're looking for information or answers to questions they have. By packaging up the precise information at time of inquiry, and delivering it to the customer, you become the resource for that buyer's education. You can get them into the store and make the close because you are intelligently providing content that matches their needs.

If a buyer comes to you and is not precisely sure exactly what they want, you can help them hone in on exactly what they want by giving them options based on their interests and price range. This eliminates competition because you've put yourself in a leadership position where they're not likely to shop elsewhere because you are doing an effective job of helping them.

For example, someone might come in asking for a new desk chair with a timeline of the next week or two. You can ask a few questions and then provide you exactly what they want on their device. They might then say, Wow, that's impressive. I really like this. Well, by putting the information they want directly on their device, you can get them in your store the following afternoon and a delivery made before they were even going to make a decision originally. That's shortening the buying process.

Increase Sales Size

By making many high value irresistible offers across your touchpoints, you attract people into your system. Once they're in there, they appear on the funnel to call. You make a call, and when they're in a conversation with you, you're able to convert them from a tiny offer to a much larger upsell.

You can use the information about what they are interested in to help guide them towards an upsell. For example, if someone is looking for a dog you can say, "ok, let me recommend some food and supplies as well. You're going to need a bowl, leash, etc. can we bundle that for you" or if someone comes in looking for a new dining room chair, you can package things together and ask, "Would you also like to look at lamps and tables with that chair?"

Increase Repeat Buyers

Because you're creating this wonderful experience for people, they're going to buy into your brand, and they're going to have loyalty to you.

You have specific info about them. You can micro-target offers to them based on their individual preferences, so they are more likely to take advantage of your special promotions or offers. You know when their birthday is and what their preferences are, so you can pinpoint specific issues to bring them back in.

Microtargeting to their specific interests dramatically improves the likelihood they will come back to your store