Intelligent Content

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Associated Products

Content Collections

Content Collections are utilized to organize and group content cards that make sense for your content strategy, and can be comprised of the content you create, shared content from other sources, and user-generated content.


Utilize Funnels to define and visualize the stages that comprise your customer’s journey. See how long they’ve been in a particular funnel stage, as well as who needs an additional nudge to move to the next stage.

Database (Fields)

Every detail about your customers information, interests and interactions is stored in the Shopwindow Database. This information could include name, age, interests, preferences, tags, funnel stages, behaviors, and much more.

Content Card Builder

Take any content and craft it into a beautiful Content Card. There are many different card types we provide, such as cards optimized to be a coupon, an offer, or display a video. Options to change color and orientation are also included.

Intelligent Content Features


Define a Smartgroup based on specified behaviors and user information, such as age, whether or not they completed a particular form, or how many times they engaged with a piece of content.


Personalise content to optimize it for the users that view it so that they see information and content that is relevant to them individually.

Single and Group Publish

Publish content to a single person in your database, or publish to a group of people specified by Tags, Smartrgroups, and Funnel Stages.

Embed Codes

Inject self-updating content to any webpage by utilizing our Embed Codes.

Pitch Strength Indicator

Get a reading on how optimized your Single Publish is for your selected person by using the Pitch Strength Indicator.


Use Tags to label, identify, and categorize the audience in your database.

Create from Existing Content

Create new content from content already created, such as creating a new Content Carousel composed of Content Cards that have already been created.